Day 85 – Thankful for Opportunity

First things first, I thought this was supposed to be increasingly difficult as the days roll on.  When I started this blog I was trying to pay attention to every little thing I could be thankful for because I “knew” there was going to be a day I was going to run out of ideas.  As Dominic would say, “I’m LOL-ing” at that thought now!  Another day, another plethora of things to be thankful for.  It was a tough call, but what I am most thankful for today is opportunity.


There are our two knuckleheads, at it again.  Another night, a different activity for them to try out.  Over the past few weeks they’ve had archery, log rolling, scouts (of the Boy & Cub variety), swimming, log rolling, soccer, choir concerts, crazy home crafts, and orchestra concerts.  They’ve had a chance to try out so many things over the past year, it’s been awesome!

That’s what I am most thankful for of all of the great things that today brought, the fact that they have the opportunity to try so many different things.  It is crazy busy in our house and Becky and I get run ragged taking them to and from so many different things, but what an experience!  One of my passions is giving them the opportunity to try out just about anything to see what they really enjoy, helping them find their passion.  Who knows what things they’ll really enjoy as they continue to grow up, but it’s very rewarding to give them the opportunity to find that passion.  There’ve been many times that what I thought would be a passing fad (cello for Dominic, archery for Gavin) have turned into things they’ve continued to enjoy and there’ve been others that went the other way.  Regardless, I am just thankful that they’ve had the opportunity to try something new.

Who know what types of things 2017 will hold, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for other crazy thoughts.  My buddy Steve and I are conspiring a long weekend trip out to Colorado with the boys to help them summit a mountain, who knows, if they go with they might even have the opportunity to practice first aid skills on the two old guys!


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