Only now in this dark hour do I realize the folly of my ways…  🙂


Tonight’s cub scout meeting was focused on building boxes to store their cards and other assorted treasures in.  Over the past month or so the boys, my dad, and I have been prepping for this project, the culmination of that work was absolutely awesome!  (and maybe a little tiring…)  All the boys seemed to have fun and it was cool seeing the creative spark fire for some of them as they created something with their hands.


Of course it didn’t go as smooth as possible or completely as planned.  There were surprise issues that came up (like not realizing just how many drill bits the boys could strip out in a short period of time), mistakes that had to be worked around (lids being just a tad bit too long or bottoms being a little too big), and learning how to use the lever action of the screws to tighten up a corner.  Other things went very smooth, fit like a glove, and worked better than expected.  There were moments of boredom, frustration, elation, excitement and creativity.

There were a ton of learning opportunities.  Some were mechanical (how to push hard enough to not strip a screw and how to back a screw out) and some were more mental and emotional (take a few deep breaths when frustrated, remember to go slow and steady).

While I got kind of frustrated at a couple of times I only had to take a deep breath and remember why I was doing this.  I did this to provide life skills, learning, and, most importantly, happiness for the boys.  Getting frustrated wouldn’t help, but staying calm, having fun, helping the boys see that it’s okay to make a mistake, and helping them see the fun and challenge to troubleshooting was exactly what I wanted them to see.  As that thought went through my head I smiled and enjoyed the moment.

The boys may have had a lot of fun and got a pretty cool homemade box, but I think I got the best part of the deal.  Seeing them learn, grow, and have fun was incredibly rewarding.  I am thankful to have shared in the chaos of the night with them!




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