Day 86 – Thankful for Christmas Cards

Day 86 – Thankful for Christmas Cards

The weather outside may be frightful, but the door to our basement looks delightful!

This is the time of the year when, in addition to putting on several pounds, there are Christmas cards flying in at a breakneck pace. When I was a kid I really only cared about them when they were in a package along with some treats or if they contained cash or check.  I was obviously missing the point, but I have to admit, they look way cooler now than they did before.

That’s actually the reason why I’m thankful for them now.  So many of them are custom made and have pictures of the family and their escapades throughout the year.  Some are more traditional, some have letter, and some are just completely original.  In any case, it is great to read each and every single one of them.  Picking up the card and seeing the names always trigger memories of them and make me smile.

Thank you to everyone who’s put a smile on my face with a Christmas card this year!


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