Day 27 – Thankful for Al’s Storage

Even though we’ve moved our pontoon to a slip less than 3 miles from our house we still take it to a storage place about 20 minutes away.  Seems crazy, right?  Nope, it’s totally a very sane decision.  Al’s kept our boat in storage for us every year that we’ve had it.  In the summer we leave the trailer there too. Every single year we decide to drive all the way to Brownsville to keep it there because of a handful of reasons.  

First off, I’m pretty sure this is the most scenic storage facility in the world!  Seriously, just look at this place! Nestled in the bluffs it is a great place to drive to and from.  On the way home today I went the long way just to try a new drive home.

Second, the rates are very competitive and he takes great care of our boat.  We’re never nervous about the shape it’ll be in when we get it out, it doesn’t break the bank, and he’s always got it out and ready with less than 24 hour notice.

The thing that keeps us going back more than anything though is Al.  The guy is awesome!  Great values, takes care of us, and is incredibly flexible.  He’s always in a good mood and is smiling and happy to see us.  If we need to drop off or pick up at odd hours he’s got us covered.  If those odd times mean that we have to come back later to finish the apaperwork or cut him a check he doesn’t even question it.  He’s got those excellent old school values of doing business over a handshake and reminds me of the service o try to provide to our customers.  

Mothballing the boat for the year is kind of depressing, but I’m always happy to take a scenic drive to go see Al.


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