Day 26 – Thankful for Not Driving

I am one very happy Kreiling right now!  Here’s my current view:


I am very grateful for Becky (Max’s mom) driving our family to Madison for soccer games today.  We decided to carpool and she offered to be behind the wheel.

The Beckys (is that the correct plural term for more than one Becky or is it Beckies?) are sitting up front sounding like their having a good time talking.  The soccer boys are all behind me watching a movie, talking, and playing on their electronics.

I’ve got my laptop on top of my lap (I know, ironic, isn’t?) and I’m hammering away on a bunch of things that I needed to get done for work before the next week starts.  I’m in heaven!  Driving is a relaxing thing for me to do once in a while, but sometimes I realize just how much time I’m losing by not being able to get stuff done.  The past hour has been very productive, and I’ll have more than enough time to get caught up on a lot.

Thanks again for driving Becky, you’re the best!!!


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