Day 29 – Thankful for Pictures from Past Vacations

It seems that I’ve been going in twelve different directions at once lately as I prep to be out of the office on vacation.  Trying to get everything done includes not just work, it also includes things like taking the boat to storage, buying a washer & dryer, and things along those lines.  Throw in the normal chaos of the Kreiling house and it’s been pretty wild.

While this has been going on there’ve been several reminders of previous vacations.  My Facebook feed keeps showing me pictures from our New Orleans vacation four years ago. Going through my phone I keep running into pictures of previous vacations including Colorado (with the family and with my friends), celebrating Steve’s 40th in Vegas, touching dinosaur bones in Utah, exploring Belize and Australia, and a little bit of Hawaii and Canada mixed in for good measure.

I’ve also been seeing and hearing things that make me long for future trips including Iceland, Ireland, and, of course, Hawaii.

Who knows why, but I really do love travel and seeing and experiencing new things while on our trips.  I’m very thankful for having a wife with the same appreciation and for raising our boys to have the same travel bug.

While I can’t always be on vacation as I would love to be, I’m very thankful for pictures of past vacations that rekindle my passion and make me smile every single time I see them!


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