Thankful for Enjoying the Ride, Dominic’s Graduation, & Remembering a Hug

Day 2,798


Relax and enjoy the ride! Why stress when there’s to much more to life than the stuff we typically allow ourselves to stress over. Deep breaths, relax, look at the bigger picture, remember impermanence, and the world is a better place.


Wowza, we have a son who’s graduated from high school… how did that happen??? So thankful for the time we’ve had with Dominic so far, looking forward to his next adventures, and so proud of the incredible man he has become!


This afternoon about 2:30 I paused to take in a memory. I savored it, enjoyed it, and appreciated it. Six years ago I took time to do just that and I am so grateful I did. I did the same today and it reminded me to appreciate so much more.


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