Thankful for Feeding the Wolf, Grit, & Guts

Day 2,797


Choose to feed the right wolf and the gap almost closes on its own.


I’m a huge believer in setting crazy goals. The boys did just that this year for their track season and then went out and put in the work all year long to give themselves an opportunity to achieve those goals. Both Dominic and Gavin saw the culmination of all but one of those goals tonight. So thankful for their opportunity to harness their internal grit and push themselves past what they thought possible.

Kudos to Gavin for earning his spot on the 4×800 team and for earning a solo spot at Sectionals!

Kudos to Dominic for his teams’ 4×800 and 4×400 successes, for earning an opportunity to compete in the 800, for going sub 2 minutes in the 800, and for punching his ticket to State!


Cheering for the boys at track Sectionals was amazing. The moment when Dominic kicked in the afterburners with about 150m left to go from fourth to a solid first will give me chills the rest of my life. Pure guts and heart were on display. What an event to be present at!


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