Thankful for Going Slow to Go Fast, Gavin’s Project, & Perfect Weather

Day 2,792


After the rough shape my right Achilles was on Monday I took the next handful of days off from running. I rested it, iced it, compressed it, elevated it, and did as much as I could to let it heal up. This morning I went our for a run with Becky and by the end of the first mile it had loosened up very well. I’ve since spent almost all day on my feet as I’ve put in a new storm door and helped Gavin with a school project in my workshop. So far so good! Ice, compression, and elevation now on the deck and fingers crossed I’m good to get back to normal.

Here’s what I’ve learned – rest up, take it easy when I need to, be ready to hit it hard when it is time. Sometimes I need to go slow to go fast – AND – use that as a time to tap into other activities like lifting.


After our run Gavin shared that he needed to get a project done for school… one that calls for relatively intensive workshop time. My plans for the day were pretty much booked up and did not include time on his project. Oh well, what are you going to do? Rather than get frustrated I laughed it off and have proceeded to have an awesome day of working with Gavin on and off in the workshop. He’s learned a handful of new skills and we’ve had bonus time creating in the workshop. Maybe not what I’d had drawn up for the day, more than I was expecting with way less down time, but well worth each and every single second of it. Gavin has thanked me numerous times, but has me smiling the most is how happy he’s been with learning new skills while working in the shop together. Throw in the bonus of working with a bunch of Dad’s old tools and it’s been a very joyful and satisfying experience.


Spending the overwhelming majority of the day outside has been AWESOME!!! This weather was absolutely perfect, the exact specs I would order up if it were up to me. A nice little breeze to stay cool, sunny with no clouds, and nice and warm without being hot. Perfect!


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