Thankful for Alone and Together, a Surprising Friday Night, & Iceland

Day 2,791


There’s an interesting dichotomy between time alone and time together. There’s a balance to be struck. For clarity, I mean alone time without distraction, not alone time on a screen.

Strive to find the balance and intentionally choose one or the other and avoid distraction. Time alone in quiet contemplation and time together sharing life – that’s where joy is to be found.


What I’d assumed was to be a chill and early night turned out to be an awesomely interactive and pleasant evening with Becky and Dominic.

Somehow Dominic and I ended up talking music while we were all in the living room on couches. Next thing we knew we were trading some of our favorite songs and even our guilty pleasure songs. Full disclosure, the song Ashes by Celine Dion gets more play in my car than it has any right to, but it always makes me think of Deadpool 2, one of my favorite movies. One if Dominic’s favs came from the movie Eurovision. This then led to me sharing the news that the 2023 Eurovision contest had finished last week. We fired up YouTube and spent the hour listening to more music, commenting on thx craziness, delving into political history, and finding moments when all three of us were tapping our feet and thoroughly enjoying the music. It was awesome!

When Becky dipped out for bed Dominic and I started looking up places for us to hike. After adding Pindus Horseshoe in Greece to our dream lists we moved on to videos of hiking trails in Iceland and started planning our next adventure.

So many smiles, so many laughs, so many memories, all on s night I’d assumed would be chill. My heart is full.


As Dominic and I watched Iceland videos we paused then constantly to pull up our pics of the same places and to share memories. We were present in each of those moments in Iceland and their clarity remains in our memories.

My eyes started to well up as I lost myself in the memories of the beauty of Iceland. My soul aches to go back, but finds solace in the memories.


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