Thankful for Intentionality Triggers, a Weekend of Moms, & Awareness at Yoga

Day 2,786


So easy to pause and be thankful for someone, all it takes is intentionality. Mother’s Day is a perfect example of why it is important to use a date as a reminder, as an intentionality trigger. While we’re all thankful for moms all the time we do a better job of sharing and celebrating that gratitude when we have a specific day set aside for it.

How I can I be more intentionally grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to know?


What a wonderfully mom filled weekend it was! Mom came down and spent the day with use at the track meet yesterday. Becky and I spent last night and much of today with the boys and the two of us closed out the night with yoga, dinner, putting in a small fence, and the relaxing. All weekend long I was surrounded by moms and it was a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day weekend.

For sure, moms are some of the strongest, toughest, wisest, most giving, and best humans on the face of the earth! So thankful for all they do to keep the world turning, our lives are so greatly enriched by their love, support, and kindness.


Yoga tonight was ridiculous! What I thought was going to be a very chill session quickly evolved into a beast. By the time we were done I was dripping with sweat and totally spent. Almost the entire practice was spent in a flow state. So much presence as of awareness throughout!

I need to remember how to lock in to the vibes of the teacher while simultaneously letting go of all focused thought more quickly. There’s no reason I couldn’t be in a state of flow like that more often.


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