Thankful for Leading with Questions Rather than Answers, Fresh Air and Sun in the Grass at Track, & Waking Up Feeling Great

Day 2,787


Better to ask a question rather than talk and offer an answer. So often my initial assumption and response are proven wrong quickly when I start with questions rather than answers. Today a question led me to a brain breaking moment that will take me some time to work through. My head was going in one direction until a question led to an insight that spun into a completely different direction. It was like Morpheus offered up a blue pull or a red pill straight out of the Matrix. My brain still hurts!


Becky and I had an awesome time watching Gavin’s JV conference track meet at Tomah today. The sun was out, we were sitting in the grass, and looking at some notes on where to hike in our vacation in late July. When Gavin or a teammate’s turn came up we paused and watched and snapped some pics. Then we’d go back to relaxing and talking about nothing. Such a change from the last time we went to Tomah when we were bundled up and freezing our butts off!

Outside time, sun, fresh air, hanging out with Becky, and watching our boys do what they enjoy? Yes please and twice on Tuesdays!


This morning I woke up feeling great! I was a little tired but my entire body was loose, relaxed, and ready for our run. There was no stiffness or soreness, everything was in tip top shape. Shortly after getting out of bed I took a moment to appreciate that awesome feeling – what a moment it was!


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