Thankful for Considering Highest Return Action, Jesus in the Garden, & More Hiking Trail Discoveries

Day 2,379


Some actions really outweigh others when attempting to change behavior. Not all actions are equal, there are typically a couple of specific actions that can make a huge difference. The key is in pinpointing those actions and taking them.

This was manifested for me today in choosing to prep my lunches for the week. Focus on the right choices at the grocery store. Make my meals all at once. Those two actions will have the highest return on how I eat this week.

Pause to think about what will really lift the load. Where to place the fulcrum, where to place the lever. Think twice, lift easily once, and live to lift another day.


One of my favorite stories from the Bible is Matthew’s version of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. For so many reasons it continues to be one of the moments in which I can understand my faith more clearly. His humanness becomes so palpable in that story and really helps me see the bigger picture of God.

This story is also such an inspiring reminder of controlling what we can control and realizing there are moments when we must trust and let go. The grace shown in that moment – and the struggles that even Jesus faced in that moment – brings on the feels every time I think of it.


The hiking trail we stumbled upon a couple months ago continues to bring some excellent moments of presence and new discoveries. Today there were the combinations of different tree species right next to each other, the always and only counterclockwise spiraling of the vines up trees, and the bark that seems to grow in layers from outside the tree. So many new discoveries for me to help draw in focus. I’m so grateful for the outdoors!


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