Thankful for an Ego Flashlight, Growth through Loss, & Dinner as a Family

Day 2,378


Will we ever really know the true depth of the impact we’ve made in life? We went to a celebration of life for the brother of a friend today. Throughout I couldn’t help but wonder if he realized how much joy he’d brought to so many.

Now as I type I can’t shake the thought that my initial question is misguided. Does it really matter if we know the impact we’ve made or is that just an egocentric thought? Better to live in a way that we brighten lives because it is the right thing to do and not ask for validation.

Ugh.., ego. Yet again you flare up. So thankful to take time to reflect and think, it’s the flashlight needed to scare ego out of the shadows.


Even in loss there is beauty. Gathering of friends, sharing of stories, opening of emotions, expressions of love, opportunities for growth. The loss itself can hurt so tremendously, but we can choose to look for bright spots around it. Many big my thoughts today have been focused in very different directions, largely centered on life and death, the value of time, accepting what we can really control, faith, and the ways we come together as community to help each other. More growth and insight as a result of loss,


With all the different directions we’ve all been going it was incredibly soul warming to eat supper together as a family. Eating together, talking, and spending time together was one of my favorite moments of the day.


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