Thankful for Brutally Honest and Constructive Feedback, In Bed Before 8pm , & Embracing the Suck

Day 2,375


When possible it’s always beneficial to get additional voices to provide feedback on new ideas, especially with people who have proven to be brutally and constructively honest in the past. If left to work alone on something for too long it can become easy to slowly drift off course. Others can help draw us back in and help us refocus on the objectives while providing additional feedback and ideas to improve the entire project.

Today I’m very grateful for those brutally honest and constructive voices, they made a huge positive impact!


Sometimes the planets just happen to align in a way that allows me to be done for the day and in bed blogging before 8pm. Today is one of those glorious days! Much of the upcoming week is going to be wild, nice to get a full eight hours of sleep before the alarm goes off at 4:30am gif my bike ride.


When Becky and I run in the morning it is usually our time to talk and catch up. Yoga date nights are great but they don’t involve much talking. Our runs feature regular conversation.

This morning started off a little differently. It was a little more chilly than it has been, but the biggest reason for a couple of miles of initial silence from both of us was the 20mph wind pounding us head on. The steady gusts offered up some resistance training while also making it very difficult to speak.

In the silence I opted to embrace the suck. While the wind was relentlessly blowing I kept quiet and focused my brain on how much each step with resistance like this was helping me grow. It was a bonus resistance training and mental resilience training. The wind caused silence provided the space I needed to really dive into the discomfort head on as I worked to find ways to appreciate it.

When we turned at the halfway point it was back to fun conversation as normal. In the moments of silence leading up to it I had an opportunity to be fully present with that little voice in my head that tells me to quit when the going gets tough. What an opportunity to prove that voice wrong yet again!


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