Thankful for My Task List, Self Motivated Sons, & a Favorite Fiction

Day 2,376


Today I am grateful for my task list. It was rather robust but it kept my day motoring along at a breakneck pace. The process of creating it calms my brain, the use of it motivates my actions more quickly, and checking it off is bliss. Focused action pointed in the right direction.


Both of our sons have taken upper level, honors, and Advanced Placement classes. They voluntarily take them to stretch themselves. While that is something I appreciate I’m even more grateful for their work ethic. We usually don’t have to push them to get homework done, they dive right in after supper and get to work. Neither of them have been fans of it but they understand how important it is to get done. Seeing how they are learning to be self motivated is something I appreciate tremendously!


My book diet this year has consisted of a lot of relatively deep stuff. Philosophy, religion, science, social issues, and some deep biographical books have all been on the menu. I realized it was time for one of my all time favorites to help me take a deep breath.

On my ride home tonight l found myself lost in the presence of a profoundly awesome story, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. In only seconds I was whisked into the story, what an amazing feeling!


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