Thankful for Finally Going to the Doc, Relationships Based on Mutual Gain and Trust, & a Yoga Date Night Giggle

Day 2,374


Sometimes it is smart to go to the doc to get things checked out. I don’t like to go often but there are definitely times when it makes sense. After doing some home improvement work a little over a week ago my left eye started bugging me. I thought I had gotten some debris in it and it would wash out. Turns out it was a little medical issue that could have been problematic had I waited too much longer. Glad I finally decided to go in today!


So thankful for relationships build on trust and watching out for mutual best interest! When there isn’t trust there’s concern over what is “fair.” When there is trust the only concern is making sure everything is gone right with the best of intentions for all parties involved. How much better is life when we’re all focused on mutual benefit rather than individual gain? I’m blessed to have relationships like these in my life.


Yoga date night was awesome as always. Part way through one of our stretches my leg and foot were extended about a foot over Becky as our mats were near each other’s. Out of nowhere I feel Becky tickling my foot and giggling while our yoga instructor said something along the lines of, “hey, be careful over there, I know it’s yoga date night and I’m watching you!” What a moment!


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