Thankful for Sharing the Sense of Awe, Travel Perspectives, & Summer in January

Day 2,314


Being in a state of awe is amazing. Helping others be in a similar state fills the heart even more.


What a reminder of how little we really need today has been. The experience of the real Belize reminds me of how little is needed to live a joyful life.


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities to learn so much from different cultures. Each travel experience brings new awareness of so many different ways of viewing the world, so many new viewpoints, and the opportunity to see how similar we all are as a people in spite of all of our differences.

Being outside in the sun is amazing anytime, but even more so when it is in the middle of winter. Driving down the road in a golf cart feeling extra hot and sweaty in the sun and humidity today was borderline glorious!


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