Thankful for a Muse Named Exhaustion, the Guy Sitting in Front of Me, and the Eternal Sunset

Day 2,313


Sometimes exhaustion is the muse I must listen to. After getting two hours of sleep and getting on the road at 1:30am today I was already zonked before we boarded our 6am flight out of Minneapolis. Sleep sounded amazing, but I felt like I had an itch I just needed to scratch. Next thing I knew there was only a half hour left of our three hour flight and I’d put together an entire outline of a what’s likely to be my next book, social media posts for the next week, and a bunch of other ideas all sketched out!

I was exhausted, but that may have been exactly what I needed today.


Our second flight provided an opportunity to test myself and my personal growth from the past year. I would give myself s passing grade, but I’ve got a long way to go to get on the dean’s list 😉

I can choose to see frustration or an opportunity to test myself and grow. Today I chose growth.


Last night Gavin reminded me of an extended moment of presence from our November trip to Iceland – the beauty of a six hour sunset on the flight home. We chased the sun and it finally lost us just before we landed. Six hours of beautiful orange sunset hanging for almost an eternity. What a memory!


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