Thankful for Choosing My Lens, Nudges, & Yoga

Day 2,311


Funny how there are a handful of moments which can really define the day. Depending on which moment we choose to focus on our lens to view the day changes tremendously.

Choose to focus on the positive, be present and acknowledge the negative, but choose Growth, Appreciation, and Presence.


I’m so thankful for a nudge I felt yesterday in a conversation. As I written about before, intentions are empty, actions are fulfilling. The conversation led me to take action and I’m thankful I did. The result was so much more positive than I’d expected.

Someone once taught me that God works through people. When we feel a nudge to do something kind we really should trust it and follow through.


Yoga tonight was AWESOME!!! For real, one of the best practices I’ve ever experienced. The movement was steady and constant and required 100% presence. The actions were beautifully woven to breathing. The poses and movements between were a challenge but possible. Long story short- it was an ideal flow experience.

This was the lens I’ve chosen to view my day through. In 60 minutes everything became right in the world and my soul feels so much lighter. Ahh..,


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