Thankful for Getting Through “Time Claustrophobia”, Peace in Chaos, & a Gavin Quote

Day 2,310


Take a deep breath, pause, think, plan, and respond. When life gets crazy the best way to succeed is to take a deep breath and pause. Once the first wave of stress induced “time claustrophobia” passes take a moment to think. Build a plan and respond.

Today was bonkers, like taking batting practice with three pitching machines going at once with a combo of fastballs, curveballs, and change ups kind of bonkers. I lived, I laughed, I got it all done, and I may have even enjoyed myself.

Had I let emotions get the best of me I would’ve imploded. For sure, there was at least one moment in which a maniacal laugh erupted, but only for one soothing moment.


Bliss can be found even in the midst of the storm, one must only choose to watch for it. Moments of talking with Becky. Moments of jokes with Dominic. Finding a way to sneak in a game or two with Gavin. A sense of purpose and accomplishment. Time to think about an upcoming project. Creating quiet space alone. Even in a whirlwind of chaos beauty and stillness can be found.


After a challenging Dad moment today I voiced my frustration to Becky.

“It is a miracle Dad didn’t kick my butt when I was 17.”

This was overheard by Gavin. His immediate response was spot on.

“May I offer up a preemptive apology?”



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