Thankful for Preparation, Lists, & Introspection

Day 2,309


Preparing for something before it is needed is priceless. Too often I prepare after I should have been ready. What a difference it makes to train before we need to.


It’s been a while since I’ve given myself an easy out by going with a list, but it really seems appropriate today. Here’s a snapshot of the gratitude:

  • The most quiet wrestling tournament ever
  • Learning through failure
  • Losing tight matches that leave us more hungry
  • Breathing and rolling with life
  • Family going out of their way to watch other family’s events
  • Choosing perspective
  • Growth through adversity
  • Remembering we always have a choice to make
  • More game time with Becky & Dominic
  • Going to bed exhausted


Sometimes being present involves pausing for moments of introspection. I took a couple of those at opportune times and it made a positive impact.


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