Thankful for Less, Segmented Family Time, & the Scent of Soil

Day 2,302


Remember how saying little can often say the most. Less words often makes those spoken more meaningful.


Time with the entire family is wonderful, but so is time with chunks of family. With Gavin supporting his wrestling team at a tournament Becky, Dominic, and I hiked through Wildcat Mountain State Park. The three of us had an awesome time talking on the way there and while hiking. Having a segment of the family changes the dynamics a little and it was great getting more focused time with Dominic.


On our hike today Dominic pulled up a chunk of a dead tree off the ground. The faint smell of soil was pure heaven. One of my two favorite smells in the world is fresh topsoil and this brought back a flood of memories from time spent in the woods with my dad. Who knew the scent of dirt could be so captivating???


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