Thankful for Creating Creativity, 1% Better, & Breathing Breaks

Day 2,301


Over the past handful of weeks I’ve realized how much more enjoyable my days are when I have a solid amount of creative time. Life requires much more than just creativity and I have to remember to appreciate those times as well. If I look to find a hack there’s always a way to add a creative wrinkle to almost anything.


One of the three lessons I’m reminding myself each day is to not make any huge changes but rather to focus on getting 1% better each day. One step at a time rather than one mile at a time. This has been difficult for me, I’ve got some crazy huge dreams. The dreams give me urgency and I’m reminding myself daily to stay focused on consistency, something I have struggled with. That one simple lesson being in front of my eyes at least two times each day is finally starting to sink in.


Taking a couple of minutes in between stacked meetings to close my eyes and breathe really helps me recover and focus. That practice made all the difference today.


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