Thankful for Remembering the Reps, Overwhelming Joy, Love, and Support, & Taking It All In

Day 2,300


So easy to forget about all the hard work and repetitions that came before the breakthrough. Afterwards it seems so simple, during it feels almost impossible. I’m thankful for the reminder of appreciating each practice run and also remembering all the hard work afterwards.


Honestly, I really don’t know where to go on this one tonight, I’m so beyond overwhelmed with joy. So many moments of magic today for so many reasons and so many people. As I attempt to sum it all up there are two thoughts that come to mind.

I’m grateful for the overwhelming feelings of love and support. My eyes are still a little misty from the ways so many came out to share their love support with me today. I am beyond blessed to have so many dear friends and neighbors.

I’m also grateful for the way all people can connect and come together to help each other through the shared struggles of the human experience. We all experience loss, sadness, and challenges. When we open up and make ourselves vulnerable by showing our emotions we have the opportunity to connect with others in profoundly meaningful ways. What a wonderful reminder that love can solve all.


Standing in front of the audience at Pearl Street Books this evening…. What an opportunity to be present in the moment. I took the advice of a friend and took a moment to take it all in. Still gives me chills in a very positive way.


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