Thankful for Practice, Focus on Goals, & Snowboarding Season

Day 2,299


While each presentation may be different each presentation is practice for the next. My drive after my presentation this morning was spent reviewing my performance and making mental notes did get next. I’m grateful for the handful of opportunities I have to practice over the next couple of months!


My focus on 2023 goals has helped out in so many ways already. Today my activities were shifted to where my priorities are rather than being shoved where ever the demon named Urgency wanted them. I still wish I had more time but I’m finding ways to make more of the time I have. There were a couple of actions I took today which will move the dial significantly over the long haul while avoiding time drains along the way.


Watching a Dominic flying down the ski hill on his snowboard while maneuvering around the gates was quite a rush! There aren’t many things more fun to watch than seeing my boys enjoying something they are so passionate about. His senior year on the snowboarding team started well and I enjoyed all 59 seconds of it immensely!

Zoom way in, I swear he’s up there 😁


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