Thankful for a Lesson in “Slow is Fast”, a Rusty Day, & Taking a Moment

Day 2,298


Trying to save a few seconds can lead to losing half an hour if the savings are through deviating from process. There was a great reminder for me today of how easy it is to take a shortcut thinking that it will save time only to have it backfire and cost exponentially more time. So much better to follow the process and to remember that slow is fast in the long run.


Once in a while days just don’t quite to go the way I’d envisioned. Nothing bad, just everything was off by a half a step or so. There seemed to be a little grit in all the gears so things didn’t go as smoothly as possible. My tasks all seemed to take 10% more time than they should. Everything was just a little off – even this blog isn’t quite going the way I wanted it to. Hmm…

Here’s what I am thankful for today. I don’t have many days like this. The overwhelming majority of the time it seems everything runs much more smoothly. I am grateful for days like this being in the minority.

I also appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow through days like this. I’m able to pull apart reasons why it is going as it is and how I can prevent it in the future. I’m practicing how to keep my emotions level as I work through it. Ultimately, it is a test for me to pass, an opportunity to show myself if I’ve really learned and grown as I hoped I have over the past year.

Sure, I hope tomorrow is a little more well oiled, but I’m still appreciative for the opportunity to work through a rusty day and to have the reminder of how fortunate I really am.


While practicing a presentation I have tomorrow I paused and took a quiet moment of emotion for myself. The scene I was driving through was picturesque. I felt extremely close to Dad based on the nature of what I had been working on. My mind was a little run down and needed a pause. I put all of those together and enjoyed a quiet moment of emotion.


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