Thankful for More Awareness, Alone, & Brisk Breeze

Day 2,297


I know, I sound like a one trick pony recently, but I’m amazed at how much Awareness has impacted my view. More so than I can remember I’m pausing and reviewing my thoughts and actions as a third party observer and learning more about myself.

Most often it is the way my ego needs to be stroked or how my thoughts don’t take the positive view as quickly as I’d like. On a positive note I’m catching myself starting to listen a little more and talk a little less.


The boys and I really don’t watch much TV, but there is one show we’ll slowly work through together – Alone. 10 contestants survive alone in a difficult environment and see who last longest with minimal gear and no human contact. We enjoy learning more about outdoor survival and ways we can amp up our camping game.

What I enjoy most isn’t the show, it is the time with my sons, talking, joking, learning, and appreciating our shared passion for the outdoors.


On our run this morning Becky and I became keenly aware of the direction of the light breeze. The wind came out of the south west and was a little brisk. The sensation of the very cool air on my legs felt really good for some crazy reason and I enjoyed it more than I should have. Those same legs and cold also brought me another moment of presence when they started to thaw out and almost felt a little burny. 😉


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