Thankful for Cultural Differences, Home, & the Simplicity of Cleaning

Day 2,252


The differences in culture from country to country intrigue me. Everything in Iceland moves at a different pace than here. While one might thing it has more to do with my perception from being on vacation there’ve been a handful of conversations that helped me see the differences are certainly more substantial than can be ruled out from “vacation brain.”

One of the reasons I love travel so much is the opportunity to learn from each culture, find the positives, and do my best to bring them home with me. Mission accomplished this time!


We’re all home again! So pumped to have all four of us back home together. Traveling is great, but time with family is even better.


Spending time focused on cleaning was therapeutic today. To have routine, quiet, and a task list to complete helped me ease back into reality. In each task there was only the task. The simplicity of cleaning a stovetop and the glass panels of the oven brought a deep seated sense of calm and purpose.


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