Thankful for Trusting My Body, a Jumpstart on the Work Week, & Quiet and Calm in the Dark

Day 2,253


When my mind decides it is time to wake up I should really trust it. With jumping time zones everything feels just a little off and my mind woke up and started racing early in the morning. By 5am – on a Sunday – I was out of bed and headed out for a run!

Honestly, it felt incredible. The nice cool air, the quiet and still of being alone on the road, and the exercise were exactly what my body needed after traveling back. It helped to get my body back on the right cycle.

Rather than trying to eke out a few more zzz’s it is better to trust my body and mind and get out of bed and get moving.


Not too long ago I was thankful for taking a day to ease back into real life after a vacation. This time around I have myself two days and it has made all the difference. Yesterday I was able to get a lot of my home stuff done. Today I had the space to start knocking out my tasks for this week at work. I know, it sounds crazy to enjoy work, but it really felt good to get ready. Tonight I’ll sleep like a champ knowing I’m already prepped for tomorrow. That’s an awesome way to start the week!


Soaking up the cold and dark were amazing. The time spent in Iceland really got me into the mindset of happening to winter this year than letting winter happen to me. I’ve already been used to longer periods of darkness, the sun not rising very high, and the cool weather – might as well lean into it. Having that quiet helped me get me head moving in the right direction and allowed me time to be by myself. What a perfect start to the day today!


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