Thankful for Mustache Shaving, Opening New Doors, & Outdoor Hot Tubs in Winter

Day 2,249


Never shave your mustache until you have to. In preparation for our snorkeling trip today I shaved off my mustache last night. Imagine my giggle when I read the email this morning saying our snorkel trip was canceled due to weather and wasn’t available tomorrow. Had I been smart I would’ve read my email earlier and shaved later. No worries, it’ll grow back!


One of the benefits of Iceland is that when one door closes unexpectedly there are many more waiting to be opened. Rather than sulk we immediately shifted into Plan B and went on an awesome hike to see Iceland’s tallest waterfall. No tears were shed, more lifelong memories were made, and all was well. How fortunate to be so close to so many epics adventures!


After hiking and dinner Gavin and I hopped into the hot tub while Steve wrapped a couple of things up inside. We relaxed in the outdoor hot tub with our stocking caps on and enjoyed the hot water. For a while all three of just sat back, listened to the wind, and enjoyed watching the stars. Pretty awesome!!!


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