Thankful for The So Called Experts, Gavin’s Choice, and the Sun

Day 2,248


To decide what we wanted to see today we relied on one of our guidebooks. After watching Eurotrip and laughing throughout the show Gavin recommended I bring Frommer’s book on Iceland. As luck would have it that made a huge difference in our day! Turns out good old Frommer and team know what they’re talking about and recommended an excellent drive resulting in some epic views! As Jack Handy once put it, “some times the so called experts actually are.”


I’m very appreciative for Gavin’s decision to make a return trip to Iceland. This island is mind blowingly magnificent in some many ways and it feels like it could be home. This country has quickly become one of those places that resonate with me at an awesome frequency (along with New Zealand, the big island of Hawaii, the upper peninsula of Michigan, and – of course – La Crosse)

Having the opportunity to come back has been almost as surreal as the first trip here. I’m still wrapping my head around it.

Excellent choice Gavin!!!


Another handful of magical moments today. A few a that really jumped out all revolve around seeing the sun. I totally take seeing the sun for granted, but being in Iceland in late November has really helped me appreciate seeing that shiny orb.

When the sun came out today it did so in some pretty dramatic ways…


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