Thankful for Benefits of Waiting, Memory Shrink, and Múlagljúfur Canyon

Day 2,247


Remember to wait, to be safe, and appreciate the added benefit of the forced pause time. As a storm rolled in just as we were about to hike we opted to wait it out in the car. We decided to take a 30 minute nap while we waited. The alarm went off, the skies were free of storms, and we hiked with almost zero precipitation. Added bonus – some of the higher elevations now had a fresh dusting of snow which added a magical feeling to the entire experience.


Sometimes I build up a memory into something way bigger than it truly was. Today we repeated a hike we did in June and I was nervous about whether I was remembering it correctly. When we got there it was quickly obvious that my fears were correct and it wasn’t as I remembered… it was even more grand! How awesome to have an incredible memory turn out to be not nearly as incredible as it should have been. I did my best to remember harder this time.


This moment for so many reasons.

Múlagljúfur Canyon


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