Thankful for Planning Ahead, Thanksgiving from Far Away, & Watching the Skies

Day 2,250


Remembering to be smart and plan ahead paid off very well today. We opted to skip on crossing a small river that we unexpectedly happened upon yesterday en route to Icleand’s tallest waterfall. Today we came prepared and crossed it easily.

While we were getting our shoes back on someone saw us and decided to attempt to cross and they were not prepared. They ended up wet to the waist and lost a shoe in the process.

Be smart, be safe, and be prepared.


We may be many miles away but I could still feel the love from so many today. The number of Thanksgiving wishes shared warmed my heart many times over.

Today I’m grateful for thanks being shared from countries and oceans away. The fact the we can connect from so far brings bonus joy and in so ways even means more than normal.


While starting to wrap up our night we relaxed on the hot tub. The clouds had cleared and we had an outstanding view of the stars. It was so clear we saw the line of the Milky Way. Throw in a handful of shooting stars and it was amazing! Just sitting there and looking up at the stars was so serene. The song The Nights by Avicii kept playing in my head while Gavin and I talked. What an wonderful moment!


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