Thankful for Saying No, Dinner with Our Niece, & Crazy Grocery Stores

Day 2,238


It is always easy to say yes to way more than I should. It takes grace and wisdom to say no. I really need to focus on the latter.


One of my favorite activities through our church was “adopting” a college student. We’d have them over for diner once in a while to help the feel at home and to get a good meal outside of their dorm or apartment. What’s fun now is that we are basically doing that again, but with our niece and her boyfriend. Spending time with them over supper at our house is always a lot of fun and greatly appreciated.


We made the mistake of going grocery shopping this afternoon. Gotta love grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon on a cold and cloudy day. The aisles were packed with people and carts virtually everywhere. It took all of my focus to stay calm and breathe deeply. I saw it as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, to breathe deeply and talk myself through staying in the moment. I’d love to say it went well, but there were definitely moments of struggle.


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