Thankful for Weakness Leaving the Body, Becky’s Drive, & Embracing the Suck

Day 2,226


Someone once said that suffering while exercising is really just weakness leaving the body. Sounds all badass and stuff until I’m in the heat of the moment when I’m suffering. During yoga today I reminded myself of that concept while desperately wanting to suck air because my lungs were on fire. Rather than give I decided to shed some weakness. I suffered through and realized I can push myself further do long as I become a better friend to self chosen suffering.


I’m grateful for Becky’s discipline for exercising today. Thanks to her inspiration I knocked out two wonderful workouts and will sleep like a champ. I’d like to think I’d still do at least one workout, but thanks to Becky’s drive I don’t have to guess, I just do.


In the moment my lungs were burning I dove right into the burn. I focused on it, took in every once of it, and was 100% present in it. Honestly, it sucked horribly while simultaneously felt incredibly liberating and exhilarating.


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