Thankful for Making Space, a Day at Mom’s, & Condensed Family Game Night

Day 2,225


We went to church with mom at her church this morning and had the opportunity to experience an awesomely insightful sermon. One of the biggest takeaways for me was this – if the devil can’t tempt you he’ll keep you busy instead. That one kind really hit home on the importance of creating time to breathe and to focus inward. Thus really followed suit with several other lessons learned over the past couple of years.


Spending much of yesterday at Mom’s was great time! No real agenda, lots of talking at the countertop, walking the dog, going out to eat, and relaxing together at the end of the night. So chill, so relaxing, so wonderful to spend time catching up.


Even a short and condensed family game night is still a family game night. Through all the chaos of the past few months these family nights have been few and far between, it was nice having the opportunity to sit around the kitchen table and chill as a family.


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