Thankful for Another de Mello Quote, an Outsider’s View, and Thought Provoking Storytelling

Day 2,227


“Are you listening for something to confirm what you already think or are you listening to learn?”

Anthony de Mello

What a succinct reminder to listen with the right intent rather than the intention to be right.


I’m appreciative of those moments when someone else helps me see that being me in the way I was meant to be me is s strength that I should embrace warmly and attempt to live into more often. A while back someone helped me realize that we often take our strengths for granted as we assume everyone has the same strength. Having it pointed out can be humbling, but is as Leo a wonderful guidepost that we’re living more closely into our best selves.


Getting lost in a thought provoking story is an awesome thing. Sure, I’ve seen the movie Wild, but the book is already blowing my mind. I was completely enraptured while starting it today!


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