Thankful for History, Cemetery Walks, & a Little Suffering

Day 2,222


The book I’m currently reading is a historical fiction on the topic of the Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae. The training regimen they went through was insanely intense. With that in mind there are some strong leadership and values lessons that come through loud and clear. The focus on group over self, disciplined action, and the need for suffering to grow all have been very clear. Great lessons to remember!


One of the strategies we’ve taken on to increase retention is a monthly team building event. This month’s was a walk through Woodlawn Cemetery to experience the natural beauty and history contained in the valley. Spending time with my team forking one of my favorite things was a wonderful way to wrap up a busy day of work.


Sometimes a little suffering can remind me to be thankful for relatively good health. The minor discomfort also was an unexpected source of presence. When I focused on it specifically I was 100% there with it.


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