Thankful for Confident Humility, Chik Fil A Breakfast, & Being Surrounded by Kangaroos

Day 2,223


Impostor Syndrome is a legit challenge for many of us. The internal questioning of our ability can be utterly crippling at times when we let that little voice in our head mess us up. On the polar opposite end of the spectrum is arrogance. Somewhere in between is a beautfilly balanced spot in which I should strive to live my life, in confident humility.


Here’s to the simple pleasures in life. This morning I had a doc appointment to start off the day. It just so happens that the hospital is right near the new Chik Fil A that just happened in La Crosse. The offer a profoundly tasty breakfast so I decided to pre-treat myself with a delicious chicken breakfast sandwich. The appointment was made all the better as a result.


As I got closer to Winona this morning my audiobook hit the end of a chapter and decided to turn on a specific song on a whim. I fired up Mumford & Sons’ Tomkins Square Park off their album Wilder Mind. The combination of the song, the weather, and the leaves brought back a string of memories.

When Becky and I went to Australia back in May of 2016 the album I listened to the most, and think of as my personal soundtrack for taht trip, was Wilder Mind. May is the fall for the Southern Hemisphere so the leaves were changing color and the temperatures were a little cooler. Some of the areas we stayed in had an uncanny resemblence to the Driftless. Put all these things together and I was lost in a moment in which I was 100% present.

Becky was at the University of New England for meetings for the day so I went to one of Australia’s National Parks. As I pulled in I had that song playing quietly. I had the windows rolled down, and there was no one else on the road or in the parking lot. My hike started in the parking lot and almost immediately went through a field with tall grass. The hair on my neck stood up a little and I felt like something or someone was watching me. When I snapped my neck to the right towards the largest part fo the field three heads all popped up and stared at me! Three kangaroos, all about as tall as me, popped their heads up to see who was walking through the field. It was AWESOME!!! I’ll never forget that moment as the ‘roos and I stood in awe of each other.


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