Thankful for Books & Rivers, Couch Time, & Being Lost in Conversation

Day 2,220


On my quest to read 100 books in 2022 I’ve come across some I read over a decade ago. What’s interesting is that in reading them I’m finding that books are similar to rivers. You know the quote, “you never step in the same river twice.” Such is the same for books. Though the words are the same as they were before the person I am is very different than the person I was then. The experiences of life have shifted perspecitves a bit as well as help me divine deeper meanings.


Family couch time isn’t usually on tap at our home. We’re usually doing something, playing a game, or off running somewhere. Tonight was a magical night in which we all had everything done AND plopped on the couch in the living room to catch an episode of Alone while talking smack and guessing what would happen. There’s only another 10 or 11 months ahead of us before there will be only three of us… I’m savoring all these moments while I can.


Getting totally lost in the moment of a conversation with someone I haven’t seen in a long while is so easy to do. It’s kind of like presence on cheat mode! Time flew by as we caught up and shared thoughts and stories.


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