Thankful for Finding the Root Issue, a Time for logic while Acknowledging Emotion, & Burning Leg Muscles

Day 2,219


It is easy to solve a problem, yet it can be extremely difficult to clearly define the problem. The first idea isn’t always tight and is usually downstream of a greater and unseen issue. Rushing to solve the surface problem will often result in the need for additional problem solving. Slow down, define the true issue, and then solve it.


There was an impossibly negative new story tonight which was a reminder of the fallibility & frailty of humans, specifically heroes. While struggling to accept the news – while remembering that the full details are unknown – I had an internal struggle. All the positives learned from the person, they are still as true today as they were before the horrible things were brought to light.

It’s really been a struggle to remember that we all have our demons – some so much greater than others – that we have faced, have bargained with, and have dealt with. In spite of those demons we are all still part of something so much bigger and there is a natural goodness within all of us. When the best of us succumb to our demons the past goods, the past wisdoms, are just as true afterwards as they were before.

What I’m thankful for tonight (while simultaneously praying for the victim) is the reminder to use logic to maintain the wisdom received while not letting my emotions blot out all that person taught due to the evil of their actions.

Maybe I should’ve waited and thought in this prior to weighing, but my blog is as placed for me to with through my own challenges. Honestly, my soul is in tears for so many reasons due to this news today, logic seems to be where I can draw strength and start to process… to grow through this.


In yoga tonight there were a few poses held on each side that really torched my legs. Each breath in seemed to go right to the forge inside my legs and heated them up more. They are very sore now as they were in the moment, but in those moments of focused breath nothing on earth existed outside of my legs and my breathing. Incredible!

I have to add a bonus one…. Laying in bed to blog I had to pause for a couple of minutes to savor the sounds of raindrops outside my open window.


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