Thankful for Sharing the Load, IRL, NOSH’s Porchetta, & Running in the Cold & Dark

Day 2,214


Sharing the load feels like I’m giving in, Lind I’m admitting I’m not strong enough. How wild to realize it is actually a huge source of strength to ask for help!


Connecting via emails and texts is helpful, but connecting in real life is divine.

Speaking of divine, the porchetta at NOSH in Winona was “blow my face off” delicious this evening to the point of being standalone evidence that there is a God and They love us 😉


Running in the dark when the temperature is below zero is exhilarating. Each breath feels extra clean and crisp due to the temperature while the darkness masks the distance. Becky and I talk often in those runs but we occasionally both seem to skip into a drumming based meditation. Those moments are magical in their own special way and are mini pockets of presence.


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