Thankful for Leadership Observations, Time with Mentors, & Becky’s Zen-Like Wisdom

Day 2,215


There were a handful of observations I had from our NextGen Leadership over the past 24 hours:

  • The main thing getting in the way of growth seems to be holding on too tightly. Ease up, make space, create goal / vision clarity, and let others do what they do best.
  • Working within a combination of strength and passion creates success.
  • Mixing and matching styles to create a new solution is very effective – when the different styles both respect and appreciate each other.


Spending time with mentors is never time wasted. I’m beyond appreciative to have had the opportunity to spend time with two of the greatest mentors I could ever have asked for today. Thank you again to the Tasler’s for sharing their time and wisdom with us today!!!


Becky helped walk me back from the ledge before what could have been Dominic’s last soccer game tonight. I was all worked up and pacing, worrying about all the possibilities and things that could happen – both good and bad. She reminded me that if I stayed this worked up I would miss the moment itself. Very zen-like Becky! …and 100% accurate. I told a deep breath and kept that thought in mind.


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