Thankful for Life Lessons through Sports

Day 2,171

I’m very appreciative for the interest the boys have in playing sports while in school. Tonight was a doubleheader of soccer games for the Kreilings, a JV game followed by Varsity. The outcomes of the games were different but they both had something in common.

One of the things I appreciate about sports is their ability to coach all of us on life lessons. There were a small handful tonight for the boys and for me. Nothing crazy or earth shattering, but some excellent reminders. I’ll leave it to the boys to talk about theirs.

Mine were rather simple. Remember that I don’t always know the backstory. I can only control what I can control. Take a deep breath to think before responding with emotion. Sometimes the role of a dad is to do the difficult stuff that doesn’t feel good. Sounding like my dad is the worst… and the best all at the same time.

All great thoughts, all through sports.


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