Thankful for Tagging Along on Steve’s Dream Adventure

Day 2,170

I’m still working through all my thoughts and emotions from what I’ve experienced over the past handful of days. Even the 11 hours of driving wasn’t enough to sort through the range of thoughts and newly created memories. Rather than chance losing some thoughts along the way I’ll jot some of them down now, and rather than worry about perfection in my writing I’ll skip any concern over perfection. (That’s probably a space I should explore more often!)

Steve is currently working on completing one of his big bucket list dreams – through hiking the entirety of the almost 500 mile Colorado Trail. I joined him for a couple of days on his journey and savored every minute of it. Here are some random thoughts from the trail:

  • The mountains have been here longer than humans have existed and they will exist long after humans do not. Remember this perspective to stay humble and maintain perspective.
  • Funny how good friends can almost develop their own language.
  • There is a joy to be found in chosen suffering, especially when suffered for a noble cause.
  • The quiet trail can speak to the soul so much more clearly than a crowded street.
  • It is truly unique to see how little one really needs to live. So much stuff surrounds me that is unnecessary.
  • Stripping down life to its most simple leads to both a profound joy and clarity of purpose.
  • Escape to the desert, create space to be, get out of our normal and comfortable mind, and close the gap.
  • We are social creatures yet I find frustration in large crowds while also knowing complete solitude and living as a hermit also brings frustration. How to find through balance and fine line? Listen to the words of Merton while also remembering how he lived.
  • What a difference purpose makes in life!
  • It is easier to sleep deeply when I’m not worried about being attacked by a bear. Remember we all may have their bears in another form. Help each other remove the fear.
  • Squirrels can be jerks, especially when they attack with pine cones.
  • To filter water or not to filter water? Remember the conversation of the other two hikers – “I don’t filter and I’ve never had giardia.” “You will.”
  • Remember the conversation with the married hikers who heard a noise but heard it very differently. Being right isn’t always right, play the long game.
  • Time in nature is always the right answer.
  • If one must be stuck in traffic there are not many better places than a beautiful mountain valley.

In addition to lessons was the opportunity to walk with Steve. So many memories created, so many laughs, and so many steps. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to tag along on his dream adventure!


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