Thankful for Additional Benefits of a Big Goal

Day 2,146

One of my personal goals for this year is reading 100 books. I’m currently on pace to reach the goal and am already savoring the potential joy of reaching the goal.

For clarity, there are already a couple of books I’ve read more than once. These are some of my cornerstone books, the reads which have had the most profound impact on my life. I rather enjoy the concept of having a single book shelf filled with my favorites to be read and reread each year. In order to reach 100 read this year I have certainly needed to add some variety to keep me fresh and going.

The large number of new books I’ve read this year has added a pretty sweet added benefit. The concepts have blended and collided with past books. Sometimes they are complementary while others are in polar opposition. Regardless, they reading of the new books have been adding an additional level of depth to the books I’ve read in the last. Some of the concepts seem to make even more sense with the benefit of the additional information. What an awesome additional benefit of this goal!


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