Thankful for Meeting In Person

Day 2,144

I am so thankful for how adept we all became at communicating via Zoom and Teams during the pandemic. The ability to bridge the gap of distance with technology was so helpful in so many ways. We were able to work and get stuff done while being literally countries away from each other. So beneficial in so many ways.

Today I was reminded of the importance of interpersonal communication in a small handful of events. Each pointed out so clearly how important face to face conversation still is. In one moment in particular there was so much more understanding and relatability thanks to being in the same room. Somehow my filter gets knocked a little offkilter in the electronic world but is so quickly straightened back out when face to face.

Yes, electronic communication can be super convenient and helpful, sometimes 100% necessary. The value of being in a room together, face to face, and communicating as humans evolved to do is so much more natural and much more befittting of certain conversations.


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