Thankful for Biking, Bison, & Blazing Campfires

Day 2,147

As has become our annual tradition, Becky and I headed out for a bike ride to the state wildlife refuge near our campsite. Each year this gives us an opportunity to head out and spend some time doing a few of the clothing’s we love all rolled into one. It’s a 20+ mile bike ride that includes some quiet county roads and quiet gravel paths through the preserve. So much greenery and marshland, such a beautiful area.

This year we even got to see some bison! each year we keep an eye out for the. As there are signs saying they are nearby, but this year there was a new form in the road which led us right to the bison. Pretty awesome!

To wrap up the night we chilled out around a blazing campfire, always the right backdrop for conversation on a summer night. So peaceful to chill and relax while enjoying the warmth and visual effects.


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