Thankful for the Boys Joining Dinner Conversations

Day 2,134

This evening we hosted a small get together with some friends and grilled out. Nothing crazy and elaborate, more of an excuse to all hangout together and catch up.

The boys both decided they wanted to hang out with us for most of the I time rather than go off and do their own thing. Having them join us was pretty awesome. They got to experience some interesting conversations as well as jump in with a few questions and thoughts of their own. In so many ways they were adults hanging out with other adults.

When I was young I remember wanting to sit in on these conversations and hear and participate in the dialogue. Sometimes I was asked to go do something else and other times my shyness and my feelings of inferiority got in the way and I didn’t feel like I could jump in and participate. I was worried I’d say the wrong thing or sound awkward. In many ways I’d get in my own way before I even had the chance to do what I wanted to do.

Seeing the comfort level the boys have in interacting with adults leave me smiling from ear to ear. They seem to have no fear of jumping in to insert an idea or to ask a question to help them understand the concepts were talking about. I’m so glad they’ve gotten past the nervousness of talking with adults, it leaves me smiling from ear to ear.


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